Review of the Internship program

I had wanted to gain some knowledge of the concepts & tools of Digital Marketing since the past two years. I did visit a few institutes in my city & did check up on a few free Online courses. The institutes in my city seemed more commercially oriented with expensive courses of a longer duration, whereas the Free Online courses appeared to be very basic. I was looking for some hand-on training wherein I could be led through the program by an experienced Course coordinator. I was not looking for a certificate nor was I looking for any placement support or guarantee.


I then happened to receive an email from Digital Deepak (Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju) of Pixel Track in Bangalore. The email aroused my curiosity – the word “Internship” seemed to catch my attention.


I signed up for the Free webinar immediately. The webinar by itself was something different. It spoke volumes of the confidence of the Program Owner / Coordinator. Mr. Deepak was well prepared in this webinar & had catered to all the possible queries that any participant could have had. I liked the free flowing nature of the webinar & by the time we were in the middle of the session I was convinced that this person could address my knowledge seeking needs of the dynamic world of Digital Marketing. At the same time, I was more anxious to know about the fee structure for this program. I was hoping that it would not be too exorbitant.


The Fee structure blew my mind. I had to make an upfront investment for the Internship program & this amount would be returned back to me over 10 weekly assignments, in case they were approved. There were some additional bonuses too for the top students of this program. So I grabbed this opportunity & signed up immediately for the program.


I thus ended up being a participant of the 1st Batch of the Digital Marketing Internship Program conducted by Digital Deepak starting from December 2019. It was a 12 weeks Online program with a very unique & interesting program layout & curriculum.

üOne session every week (of 90-120 minutes duration)

üEach session starting around 9 pm

üWeekly assignments

üEach session was recorded & sent to the participants via email

üSlide decks of each session were also sent to the participants

üFacebook group for the internship program

üTelegram group for the program

üWhen required, a few weekend sessions on some specific topics

üParticipation of experts from allied fields of Digital marketing – like affiliate Marketing, Freelancing etc.

üSharing of personal experiences at various stages of the program

Due to the extensive support to the participants vide the above, the movement across the program was very smooth. The delivery was simple & the explanations were crisp. Deepak used to also demonstrate the Digital Marketing tools online during the course of the session itself. So we could easily relate to a tool & understand its purpose & usability. At the same time, I used to make brief notes during the online session & also capture some screens shots (even though they were not required).


All in all, this program was a thoroughly refreshing experience for me. As a person from the IT field with over 25 years of experience, I really learnt a lot in these 12 weeks. This program has truly helped me expand my knowledge base & also enhanced my service offerings to my end customers. I look forward to participating in many more such programs conducted by Digital Deepak in the future too. My best wishes to Deepak & his team.

Assignment Three

Personal Branding 

Personal Branding is about giving a personal identity to an abstract idea. So when we have a good idea / concept, we need to give life to it through personal branding.


All businesses are built by people with personal identities. People like to interact with other people. They like to transact through other people. Relationships are built on trust, faith & personal connections. There is this unique feeling & a sense of endearment when we interact with people whom we like. So when we like somebody, we follow. When we like somebody’s behaviour, we emulate. This applies to all forms of engagement & all spheres of life – be it in sports, politics, or education.


Thus Microsoft means Bill Gates; Apple means Steve Jobs ; BJP means Narendra Modi. This works visa-versa also. Over a period of time, a person is equal to a brand & the brand is equal to the person. This is more so important in small & medium enterprises. The main person & the owner signifies everything that the organisation stands for.


Personal brands can be effective leaders. They influence decision. They colour our thoughts. They give belief & credibility to the organisation they represent. They affect the customers, the stakeholders, the vendors & the partners. This is more important during the initial stage of the organisation / business entity. The personal brand brings a lot of awareness of the company. They provide credibility & they build reputation. This in the end leads to fame.


How different would be the Loksabha Elections of 2014 in India if there was no Narendra Damodardas Modi ? He brought in a lot of physicality to his party – the BJP. He provided voters a reason to vote as they were swayed by the personal brand of Modi. The personal brand symbolised trust, results & change. Voters voted for the BJP because of Modi – rightly or wrongly.


The personal brand gives uniqueness & creates a differentiating factor. All of us are humans – all having similar physical offerings – two legs, two hands, two eyes etc. What is it that differentiates each one of us from the other ? It is our parentage, our childhood, out education, our approach & attitudes that differentiates each one of us. These differences when cultivated with lots of sustained effort gives rise to a personal brand.


Thus even though these are quite a few Digital marketing Programs & Digital Marketers in India, what is it that differentiates “Digital Deepak” from the rest – it is the personal brand of “Deepak Kanakaraju”. This differentiation has been cultivated with a decade of sustained effort.


Again a Personal brands needs to be original & not a copy of something / somebody else. If something is a copy, they can never beat the original. Personal branding has to be a true & sincere effort else people will see through over a period of time.


The beginning is the key. We need to identify the self & define the message that we want to portray through ourself. The Personal brand needs to solve an existing problem. Else atleast it has to be doing something better or easier.


The next step is the identify the medium through which we need to propagate the personal brand. The right medium is key to reach the right audience. If a senior citizen hopes to be a successful personal brand for people of his age, he needs to use the communication medium that senior citizens would use.


So in the final analysis, we can conclude that Personal Brands can be truly successful if done sincerely, with sustained efforts & for eradicating an existing problem.